3 Dec

This weekend added another adventure to my sporting life. I have always been a lover of college athletics. My dad has been a long time season ticket holder for UAB Blazer basketball and back when they played at Legion Field in Birmingham, we would attend several University of Alabama football games. Because of my dad I thoroughly enjoy sports and can probably yell at the court or field with the best of them.

My weekend began early in Atlanta where I got to experience the Falcons/Saints game a little closer to first class than I have in the past. My club level tickets were gifted to me by my uncle. I decided to take my new, good friend Morgan with me and we sat amidst several die hard Saints fans who came armed with cheers and cowbells. Thankfully, the Falcons shut them up by the fourth quarter and we could root for the Falcons in peace. After the game we were treated to a tour of the belly of the Georgia Dome thanks to a special pass from a friend’s dad that works for the Falcons. We met the team as they walked off the field and even got to walk on the field after the game. The Sporty Spice in me was screaming with glee on the inside. I took lots of blurry photos as we walked through the end zone.

I closed out the weekend with a road trip to UNC with a group of alumni and friends of UAB to watch the Blazers take on the mighty Tar Heels. It was cool to drive through the campus and see a sea of cars and people all headed to the same destination – the Dean Dome. Chapel Hill is a basketball town. The whole community rallies around this team. It was an amazing atmosphere, an atmosphere that people like Michael Jordan created. I was breathing Michael Jordan air. Granted that air was pretty thin from my nosebleed level seats, but I was still happy to breathe it. Despite a hard fought battle, the Blazers didn’t bring home the win. I, however, brought home a souvenir ticket and a great experience.

This weekend had this tomboy sitting pretty.







2 Responses to “Sporty”

  1. Morgan January 25, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    Karri- I JUST saw that you have a blog. we have LOTs to talk about 🙂 Can’t wait to see you soon!

    • Karri January 25, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

      So excited to see you again next weekend! Woo hoo!

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