24 Aug

Okay, maybe cynical is the wrong word. Practical maybe? A friend posted this article on Facebook about the top five ways parents make parenting more difficult. I read it and it reminded me of a recent conversation I had with some of my girlfriends. Some mommy friends of mine were discussing how traumatized they were by their kids going off to school. How they stressed, cried and lost sleep over it. I felt bad cause I had this look on my face that probably read “Huh?”. Granted, I don’t have kids, but I always think back to my parents and my childhood when I hear parenting anecdotes from some of my friends.

My parents have always been pretty chill. My mom is laid back, sometimes to my chagrin at times. My dad is more the worrier of the pair, but not to the point of keeping me from experiencing things. In fact, he encouraged both my brother and me to overcome our fears at every stage in life. The day my parents drove off into the sunset after dropping me off a state and time zone away for college they didn’t even cry (well, not in my face).

Don’t get me wrong, when I have kids I will dote on them to no end. But what I remember is a simpler time from my childhood and I loved it. My memories are filled with my mom’s amazing hugs that still take me to my happy place, my dad calling me Princess, the bajillion Polaroids in my baby book, the Christmas my dad took his shoes and used the soot in the fireplace to make Santa’s footprints toward the tree.

More power and props to the moms who take mothering to another level. Who knows. Maybe when I do become a mom this will all change and I will be a puddle of goo for my kids. Smash cakes for everyone!


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