27 Feb

I’m someone who has a smile on her face most of the time. People have asked me if I am ever unhappy. Well, Pollyanna had bad days, too. Recently, I have experienced the highest of highs and some pretty major lows. Lows where it was difficult to even pray, which is so unlike me. I got out of that particular funk pretty easily, but another little cloud is now over my head causing me to feel sadness. Three men that have become like brothers to me are all preparing to leave for differing reasons to various locations. And all within 3 months.

About eight years ago I met Chris through some friends at church. He was a fixture in my first apartment every Sunday when we would watch movies. We would either go get dinner or I would make it. He sat on the couch and I sat in the chair. After many Sundays of doing this, I formed a pretty big crush on him. To my chagrin I got the “You’re like a sister to me” response. I admit it was awkward between us for a few weeks, but after a while I realized we are much better friends than anything. Since then he’s become my business partner, social planner, and one of my best friends. He’s leaving in a couple of months to Atlanta after getting promoted at his job. Granted, this is actually not too bad seeing as I spend at least one weekend a month in Atlanta already, but it’s not the same as seeing him pretty much weekly and having him a 20-minute drive away.

Nicolas is my French friend who I have to admit was at first a romantic interest. I met him on for crying out loud. We became close pretty quickly after discovering we had so much in common. One of the most fun days of my life was the first time he came to Birmingham from Auburn to hang out with me. The day started at Saw’s for lunch and ended at the late showing of Iron Man 3 in 3-D (which he didn’t want to see because he gets motion sickness). Midway into getting to know each other the process got sidelined when he was stuck in France due to visa issues. He eventually came back and since then we’ve traveled together to our first NBA game, gone to a pageant, cooked meals together and explained one another’s colloquialisms. We have a trip to Disney World planned in April, but the following month he leaves to go back to France for good. This one will be tough, but now I have a perfect excuse to go to Europe!

Last is Brannon. We met on the first day of high school in our very first class. He sat next to me in honors english. He was one of two guys in the entire class. Throughout high school we were close friends even though we were very different. He was artsy, spontaneous and kind of wild. I was pretty much a structured, by the book kind of person. Somehow we got along great though. After junior year he left school and despite not seeing each other nearly as frequently we still maintained a friendship. Thanks to social media we somewhat kept in touch over the years while he was in New Orleans. On December 26, the day after his birthday, we went to dinner. Despite not having seen each other in over a decade, it was as if we never skipped a beat. We went to a local park and danced throughout the place to electronic music on his phone. After that there were few days when we weren’t hanging out, texting or messaging on Facebook. Hanging out with him was a jolt of joy into my life. When we started spending more time together he made it clear that Birmingham was just a passing through point. I put that away in the recesses of my mind figuring we still had plenty of time to have more of our “adventure times” as we call our excursions. Recently he broke the news to me that he has decided his next move will be to Seattle and the plan is to move in a month. When I initially got the news I was slightly shocked, but happy that he was pursuing his dream in a bigger city. As time has gone on this one has hit me the hardest even though we’ve only spent two months hanging out again.

When I think about the collective group leaving so close together I literally sob. I’m talking ugly crying. I gotta admit, I am PMS-ing. But I’m still confident that even if I wasn’t hormonal, I would still shed a tear at the thought of three people that have impacted my life so much in the last year all leaving within a few weeks of each other. Silver lining is that I have three cool places to visit friends, but it’s difficult to see that silver right now. Well, let me wipe these tears and plan on the next 2 months being epic with my 3 amigos.


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