30 Jul

Two weekends ago I attended The Bloganista Mini-Con hosted by my friend and blogger phenom, Javacia. Her blog The Writeous Babe Project has inspired me for a couple of years now. I went in part to support the many friends I had representing their blogs as guest speakers – friends like, Alexis from Same Chic Different Day, Vanessa from Budding Fashionista, and Carla Jean from Ink-Stained Life. I also came partly to see some of my blogger friends that would be in attendance like Chanda who’s blog Chanda Temple Writes gives me motivation on a regular basis. And Clair’s posts about everything from her pup to her skilled libations on Write, Clair. Write! bring a smile to my face.

But most importantly, I wanted that spark to ignite in me again. The spark that fueled the passion I have for writing and entertaining people with my randomness. At the conference I learned that if I want to keep my audience engaged, I need to post consistently. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but even doing a post a week, if done on a consistent basis, can appease followers. I also learned to not be afraid to be authentic. I have no troubles being me, but I have mulled over whether or not I am going into over-sharing territory at times. I’ve got to learn to not be afraid to post the good, bad and ugly. No one is perfect. We’ve all walked out the bathroom with toilet paper attached to our shoe at some point in life, right?

So, my plan of action is to do one post per week. I’ve already added to-do items on my iPhone as a reminder. I have a list of potential posts and a few that have been in a state of draft for several months. Now all I have to do is stick to it. Well, here goes nothing. I’ll be seeing you all in the very near future, friends!


The brain child of Javacia


Alexis sharing how the rest of us can be as fabulous as her. I took copious notes.


This panel of ladies knows all about fashion, social media, and blogging


My inspiration in so many ways, Chanda


Panel #2 featuring some of my friendy-poos and blogging experts


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