17 Aug

I’ve spent the last several weeks ripping and running for one reason or another and really hadn’t had a day to just vegetate. Even God rested after creating the earth so I think little old me deserves some R&R after a productive week professionally and personally. Despite all the cool events taking place in my city this Saturday, I’ve spent most of the day in my pjs. There’s a music and arts festival happening right around the corner, a thriving new entertainment district that for the last few nights has been bustling with activity. But today, I didn’t want to take part in it for the majority of the day. I do intend, at some point, to roll out of the house and enjoy the last bit of daylight while listening to good live music. For now, though, I will continue to enjoy the peace and cool of indoors.

I figured I would use this time to make up for not posting on Friday. Yay me for sticking to my 3 posts per week! It helps that I’m helping someone with their social media presence and we have the same posting schedule. Yes, that was intentional. Gotta do what I gotta do to stay accountable to friends who support my blog and wanting an outlet to share my happy thoughts. This week was filled with presenting, preparing and following up, along with sharing the company of several friends, all while trying to keep my eyes open. Thankful for days like today where I have the freedom to just be and rest. Well, off I go to enjoy some ear candy! See you Monday!


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