2 Nov

It’s funny how quickly people move on. I got in too deep. Getting involved with someone and developing a soul tie with them is serious. Once the dating relationship is severed it’s hard to also break that tie. I’m having a hard time breaking this one; especially since I love the person and I’ve gotten close to their family, friends, career, passions, dreams, issues and everything. That bond has put me close to everything about them, including their other relationships post us dating. I lie and say I don’t care and it doesn’t bother me and I have moved on. But that’s a lie. I’m still in deep. I’ve convinced myself there may be a future for us so I stick around like a stray kitten being fed periodically by a neighbor. But I’m still a stray, not welcome inside where there’s warmth and affection. I’m over here settling for the leftovers that the person inside didn’t want.

This is what goes on in my mind when I can’t sleep. I’m not perfect. Don’t let the blog fool ya.


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