Engaging – 11:20

20 Nov

I’ve been at home recovering from a bout of bronchitis for the last couple of days. In between handling work stuff on the couch with juice, soup and tissues in tow, I was home to get some fun mail to support my two “side hustles”. 

The first is an Amway business I’ve had for several years. Anytime new products are released that fit my lifestyle, I try to jump on them quickly and try it out so I can share my new discoveries with friends and family. Amway’s skincare brand, Artistry, recently launched a new line called Hydra-V to replace their Essentials products. Packaging is sleek and the product smells fresh. As soon as I finish the last of my Essentials I plan to make the Hydra-V switch. 

My second, secondary source of income is also how I balance out my cupcake addiction. Mondays after work and Thursday’s when some of you are just waking, I teach an indoor cycling class called RPM. It’s a Les Mills program that’s perfect for burning fat, building endurance and muscle. I’ve taught for 2 years (this month is my teaching anniversary!) and loved getting to encourage those in my class to go farther physically than they thought they could. With my new regular teaching schedule and Les Mills’ partnership with Reebok, I get a sweet deal on merch. Here is the first of two orders I made to look fashionable as I get fit. 
Having a side hustle does have its perks. 


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