Inspiring 11:19

31 Aug

“If we’re growing,
then we are always going
 to be
out of our comfort zone.”
John Maxwell


Engaging – 9:26

26 Aug

Yummy, healthy goodness

Got my first of many Graze boxes. Graze is a subscription service that features my favorite thing – food! Filled with a variety of healthy snacks, this box is sure to appease my belly when the 3 o’clock hour arrives and my belly gets to rumbling again.
If you’d like to try a Graze box for free, leave a comment for a chance to be selected for one of their snack boxes. I’ve got a freebie to send someone’s way!

Inspring 8:24

24 Aug

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world.
The women who wear them will.”
Anne Klein 

Engaging – 8:19

19 Aug


Neeta in her element

Neeta is a friend of my boyfriend’s, turned friend of mine.  She performed at a festival this past weekend. It was my first time seeing her play live, although I’ve heard her music online a few times. I loved her poignant, funny and smart lyrics about the mishaps and misunderstandings that happen in relationships. Her 9-song set could have gone on another 9 songs and I would have been content. 
If you ever get the chance to check out Sister Sniffle, do it. She won’t disappoint. 

Inspring 8:17

17 Aug

“There has never been a sadness
that can’t be cured by
breakfast food.”
Ron Swanson

Engaging 8:13

13 Aug
Family fun at Red Mountain Park

Family fun at Red Mountain Park  Photo cred: Brett Whitcomb

Thanks to my job (and some rad family reunion shirts), this past Saturday my family got to participate in a photo shoot for our local convention and visitors bureau. The morning started off with a large group of us staging a family reunion. My step-mother and I were posted up in the back tossing a frisbee back and forth. My dad and brother threw a football. Several cousins and an uncle also participated in the scene. In hindsight it reminds of a Seurat painting. After much needed showers and a change of clothes, two of my cousins, my brother and I headed over to Red Mountain Park for part two of the shoot. Following a vigorous walk and several pep talks, the four of us took on the Mega Zip! This was our first time zip lining and it was amazing! I will definitely do it again.

Nothing like overcoming fears and photo shoots to bring a family together. Here’s to more Bentley adventures in the coming future!

Inspring 8:10

10 Aug

“Women are not a problem.

They are an answer.”

Lisa Bevere